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New client resources for Health Professionals: The Gut Health Series

At Yakult, we strive to support health professionals in both evidence-based literature and research across many platforms this includes Probiotica (health professional newsletter), blog posts and health professional webinars. Alongside this, we are expanding our client centred resources to assist health professionals in providing education and support to empower their clients to make informed decisions on their health. There are numerous client resources in client resources, under the resource tab of the Yakult Knowledge website.

Yakult places a strong emphasis on intestinal health and microorganism research, thus we wanted to expand our range of client resources in this area. The gut health series will include three client resources based on gut health. Beginning with What is Gut Health?

Watch this space, as the next Gut Health series client resources will be uploaded in the next two months, November and December, respectively.

You can access the ‘What is Gut Health?’ resource here.